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Weight Processors Made Easy With HI 6500

Hardy HI 6500

Configure, calibrate and operate scales without writing a single line of code.

Hardy HI 6500 Series Weight Processors are used  as front ends to control systems or standalone for all types of general weighing applications. Operating blind or with a display, they measure, condition and communicate weight without any need to control.  Hardy Weight Processors come with the full set of Rockwell Automation integration tools such as EDS-AOPs and HMI Faceplates that make PLC integration easy.

Solid Performance

The HI 6500 series delivers stable processed weight with a resolution of 1:10:000, and an update speed of 110 updates per second (processor, display and comm.). They enhance the productivity of process manufacturing systems where fast, precise weight-based controls are critical. They offer you many communication choices including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP & Modbus RTU, and Analog 4-20mA.

Installation Your Way

For panel mounting, simply drill five holes to mount the keypad/ display on the front and the instrument to the other side. For blind or remote mounting, just snap its built-in clip onto a DIN rail or mount on a wall. The HI 6500 series fits in a 2" deep cabinet.

Easy To Read

For maximum visibility and usability, the HI 6500 series features a big, rugged high-contrast display with a 140 degree viewing angle for easy reading at a distance. Discrete status messaging means there is no need to check a manual for error codes or instructions.

Key HI 6500 Series Features:

  • HI 6500High Speed: From 110 to 300 updates/second of processed weight, display and communications
  • High Resolution: 1:10:000 or 1:30,000 even when exposed to mechanical vibration
  • EDS-AOP for fast, easy installation
  • New HMI Faceplates allow users to configure, calibrate, and operate their scales without the need to write a single line of code
  • Power Efficient: less than 7 watts
  • Wide range of communication protocols
  • UL, CUL, and CE compliant

Talk to your CBT automation specialist to learn how Hardy and CBT can help you with your weighing application.

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