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Mini Square Beacons

Mini Square Beacons

Mini Square Beacons

Bulletin 855B Mini Square Beacons are ideal for signaling applications that require a compact, robust Xenon strobe beacon. We offer six lens colors in a variety of voltages, and they are available as separate beacon indicators or in combination with a High Performance Horn.

Features and Benefits

  • High-intensity, 5 joule Xenon strobe beacon
  • UL Type 13/3R, IP66


Signaling Specifications Technical Data


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855BGMS24R3 AB

Beacon Lens Mini Square Beacon

00100W SHA

60BT15/H/SW (PK X 36)

01004I SHA

25T10/CL 130V (PK X 6)

01007I SHA

60BT15/HAL/CL 120V (PK X 24)