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More than 75% of the nation’s 5 million commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings were built before the introduction of many groundbreaking, energy-efficient technologies currently available. Proper lighting can enhance task performance and improve the appearance of an area in addition to providing substantial cost savings. CBT’s team of dedicated lighting specialists is working to educate area manufacturers about current incentives and emerging technology that will make your facility more efficient.

Energy efficiency is the quickest, most cost-effective way for most companies to reduce their environmental impact. Energy efficient technologies can reduce the average buildings’ energy consumption by 30%, while at the same time improving the work environment..

CBT’s turn-key lighting solution takes the hassle out of relighting your facility. With help from our lighting experts, you can enjoy the cost saving benefits of new, energy-efficient lighting without having to worry about material scheduling, contractor management, or rebate administration. CBT will guide you through the entire five-step process and help show the return on an investment in lighting.

CBT uses industry-leading products from many of the largest and most respected providers of sustainability solutions. We use many of these products in our own facilities and have included examples of how we are “walking the walk” on sustainability. We have implemented high-efficiency LED lightbulbs in our offices and warehouses across our three locations, installed timed dimming switches, and motion-sensors for light activation. We consulted our on-site lighting specialists as well as our reputable lighting partners to increase our energy efficiency, reduce waste, and qualify for available lighting rebates. We want to help your business do the same.

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CBT offers a full range of lighting products to meet any and all needs for your application. We will guide you through the five-step lighting assessment process, improving your efficiency and workplace safety while simultaneously taking care of your rebate processes. CBT offers state-of-the-art lighting fixtures, switches, and sensors to optimize your facility’s lighting.

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